Why the unseemly rush into native advertising? Put simply, because it works. Is it a threat to traditional media models? Sure. Is it a threat to consumers and the community – only if you possess a disdainful view of the capabilities and insights of your audience. If a brand’s message is

Online search advertising spend surged by 50 per cent in Australia in the last quarter of 2013 compared to 2102, driven by seasonal factors – basically Christmas shopping. The Australian result, from the latest Kenshoo Australia quarterly research shows antipodean activity significantly outstripping the global trend where growth was recorded

Well, that’s unfortunate. Dollars may be migrating to digital with unseemly haste but it appears that consumers still place much more stock in the dying media. According to and based on a Nielsen survey, consumers in North America trust newspaper ads (63 per cent) more than any other form,

New research by Forrester suggests that Kenshoo has stolen a march in the social advertising platform space. Meanwhile companies like, Marin Software and Shift and have formed a tight cluster of strong performers who are challenging for leadership in the newly emerging market. According to the study – a

Newspaper advertising in the US peaked in 2000 and has been in a precipitous decline ever since, dropping 70 per cent from the top of the cycle. Except of course that it’s not a cycle. It’s structural. Magazines have fared little better. And it’s been a consistent story around the

Thinking about sinking some cash into the Twitter IPO? A better bet if you are the kind of investor looking for fantastic returns over the long term (Microsoft style) would be to find the emerging ecommerce platforms and hope to pick a winner. As the chart from Statista below shows the three

Nobody clicks on ads right? Wrong. And if anything the shift to mobility combined with the emergence of video are actually driving up user engagement and with it the effectiveness of digital advertising. According to research by Unruly, ”Online video viewers are almost three times more likely to click through to

Sometimes the internet reveals strange and uncomfortable connections, as some of Australia’s biggest advertisers are about to discover to their cost. Every day in Britain the music industry asks Google to remove 35000 search results from its index for companies which have violated the copyright of its members. Annually the