Note that these numbers are rounded, sometimes seriously so. Any marketer could memorize them. For more info see Gartner’s “The State of U.S. Advertising: 2017-2018,” by Haixia Wang (subscription required). Sign up to Which-50’s Digital Marketing Newsletter Big Picture Global ad spending: $500B U.S. ad spending: $200B Yearly growth rate:

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Ad fraud across the mobile ecosystem has reached “ubiquitous” levels, according to a report from AppLift. As mobile technology advances, so too does the sophistication of ad fraud, making it one of the mobile industry’s “most pressing and complex issues today,” according to the report. “Mobile apps and websites have

While technology has been making more devices “smart”, and we carry phones with all sorts of sensors, these haven’t yet been systematically applied to advertising’s central problem – engagement. The blockchain, however, will make advertising much smarter. Traditional advertising – think of posters on bus stops and TV commercials –

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Digital media spend is forecast to climb to US$168.2 billion in 2017, representing 30 per cent of total global media expenditure, according to the Carat Ad Spend Report released this month. Which-50 and ADMA are introducing a one day classroom-based digital transformation education program for senior executives lead by visiting US subject

The thirty second TV commercial may be dead. The Fox Networks Group’s ad exec Joe Marchese, has told The New York Times, “The social contract is broken with the consumer — they don’t want to watch the ads.” As thousands of television and advertising executives from all over the world

It is rare that the anticipated outcome of a new technology matches with the reality and yet the improvements delivered by data management platforms (DMP) to both buyers and sellers alike likely explain the rapid acceptance and adoption of these solutions. That is certainly the clear message from a new

TubeMogul, has integrated Nielsen’s Mobile Digital Ad Ratings measurement tool into its platform and is rolling it out to advertisers in Australia. New Zealanders will get access in 2016. The intent is to delver a ratings tool for mobile campaigns similar to that offered in the television advertising market. The

As customers engage with different advertising channels, marketers have been searching for innovative ways to identity them and market to them in a more personal way. One challenge has been around the friction involved in obtaining a customer’s personal information and permission to contact them. If the ask is not

There is no denying they are making the most of their moment in the sun. For the third consecutive year, Apple and Google have topped the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands report, and tech firms hold six of the ten top spots. Technology brands dominated the Interbrand report this year, representing

Digital now dominates the Australian advertising landscape Digital’s share of Australia’s $6.2 billion advertising market grew to 37 per cent in the first half of 2014 while second placed FTA television maintained its share at 27 per cent according to the latest study by Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia