Google’s outline last week about its preferred path to what it calls a privacy-first web – basically how it views the world once it stops supporting 3rd party cookies – has drawn criticism and cynicism in some quarters, while others see it simply as confirmation of the search giant’s new

Australia’s competition regulator has warned of a lack of transparency and competition in the digital advertising technology supply chain, signalling out market behemoth Google for its “ability and the incentive” to preference its own ad tech in anticompetitive ways. Google is the only company to operate across the full ad

Google has shared more details on how it plans to replace third party cookies, proposing to group internet users of common interests together, keep explicit browsing history offline, and use a “trusted server” to store ads. The plan is somewhere between Google’s previous pervasive user tracking across the internet and

Ad fraud remains an embedded, expensive and pervasive problem in the digital advertising sector, although attitudes have changed dramatically from a few years ago when marketers and the adtech sector alike preferred to pretend the problem did not exist. One of the key moments of cut-through for many was when

Starting next year Apple will require apps to collect explicit permission from users to track them and turn the capability off by default. Last week the tech giant revealed apps that don’t comply will be removed from the App Store. The privacy measure, which Apple calls App Tracking Transparency (ATT),

This year saw more visitors to Gumtree platforms than ever before. Users are tapping the platforms for community support and for economic opportunity in the pandemic. At the same time the platform is beefing up its advertising offering, letting brands take advantage of millions of customers and thousands of data

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Adform says it has received PwC validation around the transparency of its tool set. The so called adtech tax is a contentious issue in the industry, which came back into sharp relief in May this year after a two-year research project initiated by the ISBA and AOP in the UK

Seven West Media today announced it will use the Taboola platform to keep users scrolling longer and serve them ad based content. Seven’s editorial teams will also get access to Taboola’s Newsroom product, a content performance tool. Under the multi year deal Taboola will be integrated across all Seven West

The power of the walled gardens will only be increase as third party cookies are removed from the digital ecosystem, according to Lotame CEO Andy Monfried. “The cookie cartel is enjoying record revenue because we have an identity crisis in digital advertising. Browser companies like Apple and Google are killing

Adtech company Magnite on Thursday announced Demand Manager Mobile, a platform that allows developers to integrate unified auctions into their monetisation set ups. Magnite debuted on the Nasdaq in July following the merger between Rubicon Project and Telaria in April 2020 Among the first clients to integrate the new Demand