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Australia has the third highest rate of ad fraud in the world with nearly one in three of all local programmatic ad impressions determined invalid traffic, according to Pixalate, a global fraud intelligence company. Webinar: Can I Trust You? Building Customer Trust into Better Experiences. Register today! Download: Strategy First –

IAB Australia is partnering with IAB Tech Lab, a global research and development consortium charged with developing and implementing global digital advertising industry technical standards. In an interview with Which-50 representatives from IAB discussed the new partnership and the industry’s fraud problem, which the IAB contends is not as rampant

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Publishers are losing up to $3.5m a day to counterfeit video inventory according to a major study involving 16 publishers and tech firms Amobee, Google and Quantcast. The study, which included publishers such as The New York Times, Business Insider and Washington Post, discovered massive volumes of counterfeit inventory across


The criminal enterprise behind the recently detected HyphBot digital advertising scam, reportedly one of the biggest of its kind in the world, exploited the lax oversight procedures of more than a dozen SSPs and Exchanges to build a sophisticated global fraud operation that raked in as much as $US1.2 million

Yesterday the IAB formally announced its ads.txt initiative. This is a small but reasonable attempt to address one small part of the huge ad fraud ecosystem that next year will cost advertisers an estimated $19 billion, and a massive $44 billion by 2022. In Australia, the figure quoted is about $120