Technology changes the way brands can market, but in many cases industry structure in the advertising agency world is acting as an impediment to change. Take our Which-50 reader survey and go into the draw for a chance to win a pair of Sony H.ear Bluetooth headphones or 1 of

Many marketers underestimate the investment in staff required to make the most of marketing platforms. Skills and capabilities ranked highly among the issues discussed by leading marketing and advertising technology vendors during a roundtable hosted by Which-50 late last year. Comments in this story are drawn from those discussions. Take

Australia’s marketers are becoming more sophisticated in their use of performance advertising and marketing according to AdRoll’s 2017 State of Performance Marketing report. And that trend is driving some significant shifts in cost. The research, released today, is based on interviews with 350 performance marketers across Australia, New Zealand and

Adtech companies AdRoll, Rubicon Project and AppNexus have all reduced the number of names their payrolls in recent months. The most recent announcement comes from AdRoll, which has sacked around 29 employees representing about 5 per cent of its headcount, despite revenue growth in 2016. It’s CEO pitched the news

Adtech companies are better placed to execute around owned media strategies, an area that has traditionally been dominated by marketing technology providers. That’s the view of AdRoll co-founder Adam Berke. Which-50 spoke with Berke, who is also the company’s CMO, during a recent visit to the San Francisco HQ .

In the field of attribution if you’re trying to get to perfection, you’re going to be disappointed. That’s the view of Adam Berke, president and CMO of AdRoll, the world’s largest retargeting platform who tells Which-50, “Attribution is not necessarily about being 100 percent right. It’s about being less wrong.” According

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Agencies are increasing their investment in ad fraud detection technology and brand safety ad tracking, according to research from IAB Australia. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Which-50 and ADMA are introducing a one day classroom-based digital transformation education program for senior executives lead by visiting US subject matter expert Courtney Hunt PhD.  Places are strictly

The widespread use of ad blockers will force the digital advertising industry to adapt, as it transforms the ad-spam culture into a paid media system founded on high-quality, trustworthy and targeted ad content. This is BCG Digital Ventures Managing Director, Walter Delph’s key prediction for 2016. He said the relationship between

Despite the evolution of sophisticated attribution models in recent years, the majority of Australia’s digital marketing practitioners remain mired in simplistic last click approaches, according to a recently published study. According to the authors of AdRoll’s “State of the Industry” report, six out of ten marketers assert that attribution is critical

This week’s IAB digital advertising report provided further evidence that publishers relying on digital display advertising technology are making a comeback after years of struggling to get traction against Google and search. AdRoll Australian and ANZ managing director and former Allure Media owner Ben Sharp spoke to Which-50 about the challenges of