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The Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) is launching a free education program for its members under its education arm, ADMA IQ, to tackle the issues of viewability, ad fraud and brand safety. It comes after allegations of ad fraud, admissions of mis-stated metrics and unintentionally funding Neo-Nazis have

In just three short years, data-driven marketing and advertising (DDMA) has evolved from a niche discipline to a starring role in the development of offers, messages and experiences that span virtually every customer touchpoint. And as a result, marketing’s influence is spreading inside the organisation. CEOs and business leaders globally

Digital transformation

One of the biggest impediments to faster uptake of digital transformation is a lack of skills inside the organisation and a tight labour market beyond the boundaries of the company boundaries. In a recent ADMA Think Tank the problem of developing and retaining the best digital capabilities registered highly among

Still baffled by Donald Trump’s election victory? Well, Trump’s data team leader, Matt Oczkowski, is coming to Australia in April to share his insights into how analytics helped Trump win the 2016 US election. Oczkowski, who is the head of product for British company Cambridge Analytica, will be one of

The results of our recent CMO of Tomorrow study suggest that while the most senior marketers and their management peers understand the primacy of financial metrics to measuring success, the message is not necessarily reaching down deeper into the organisation. The report reveals that  CMOs understand that great customer experiences

Successful digital transformation requires a clear roadmap and the belief of stakeholders, including those most resistant to change, says Ben Allen, CMO of property group Stockland. Allen features in the ADMA Brightest Minds video series, in which he explains how, during Stockland’s transformation, it was necessary to “demonstrate to people how

Change is never ending for the contemporary business. Blame technology says Ben Edwards, Vice President at payments company PayPal. Organisations have no choice but to keep pace with the rapidly changing consumers behaviours. But introducing technology that advances the company without interrupting the core business is challenging. For great insights: Ben Edwards is speaking at the ADMA

ADMA launched the ADMA Content Collaborative this week, a new advisory group to develop resources and tools for the practice of content marketing. This will include the development of a measurement framework to demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of content marketing. Subscribe today: Sign up for  Which-50’s Irregular Insights

Central to the discussion about digital transformation is an understanding of the impact of the the velocity of change and the capacity of organisations to prepare, adjust and equip for a very different relationship with the new consumer. A recent round table discussion hosted in Sydney by ADMA and lead by

The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) today launched a new Code of Practice that ushers in a new era of industry self-regulation for data-driven marketing and advertising. The ADMA Code of Practice places consumers’ interest at its core and gives marketers the support they need to make responsible