Around the world, each government’s response to the current pandemic has been different as has the effectiveness of those individual responses. The old fault lines of the developed and developing economies do not provide the easy dichotomy to parse responses as they might have in the past.   In fact, the

The current pandemic highlighted what customers really cherished – including it seems toilet paper, pasta and gallons of hand sanitiser, and it also brought about an increase in ecommerce spending.  For marketers who had obsessed over customer experience and engagement for the last few years that meant recalibrating the relationship

As marketers work from home and are siloed away from co-workers, family and friends, it is imperative they always include their own mental wellbeing as well as their colleagues.  There are any number of factors — screen fatigue, reduction in human contact, the difficulty of building and maintaining culture —

Over the past decade there have been huge investments in marketing and advertising technologies, and in data analytics platforms to help companies better deliver their messages and manage the customer response. At the same time, marketers are expected to take a more direct role as advocates and champions for the

While their businesses are undergoing digital transformation, leaders are failing to recognise one element crucial to their success: their people. Organisations have spent the better part of the last decade transforming in a bid to keep up with constant disruption, fast pace of technological change and skills shortages.  And while

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The expectations on marketers are increasing and their role grows to include every aspect of a company’s relationship with its customers.  That’s the view of The Marketing Academy CEO and founder Sherilyn Shackell, who will feature as a keynote speaker at ADMA Global Forum this year. Webinar: The role of

ADMA is partnering with Mark Ritson, one of the best-regarded authorities in the Australian marketing community, to deliver an online course called the ADMA Working From Home Marketing Masterclass. Participants will be offered a course in marketing strategy and brand management, says Ritson. The course is first and foremost an

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JCDecaux is offering its media agency and advertiser partners the opportunity to undertake the ADMA (Association of Data-driven Marketing & Advertising) WFH Marketing Masterclass with Mark Ritson. Leveraging its ADMA membership, JCDecaux will be offering more than one hundred clients and agency partners the opportunity to take part in this

Marketing has always been a disruptive and tumultuous profession, and its leaders — as custodians of the brand and of the customer relationship — have always been required to adjust, often radically and rapidly, to big market changes. With COVID-19 many marketers are now facing the biggest challenge of their

IT and marketing are normally seen as different ends of a spectrum, but when the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Information Officer come together, their union can create a culture where teams can work together.  Both sides clearly have the best interests of the business at heart — but