Technology has been at the centre of business continuity plans during the COVID-19 crisis and will play a key role in navigating the path to recovery, but amid a prolonged period of uncertainty, the challenge for technology leaders is choosing which playbook to follow.  According to research from Gartner, survival,

A growing body of evidence reveals that ransomware is increasingly the domain of multi-million dollar criminal enterprises, which recruit specialists and apply their skill sets broadly to extort money from their victims.  The business is highly lucrative and ransomware gangs are seeking cost-effective returns for their effort.  “The reality now

Digital practitioners in Australia need to be empowered to continuously execute transformation programs, but a risk averse culture and a disconnect between c-suite leaders is stifling their efforts.  Those are two key takeaways from upcoming research by Adapt titled, Adapt’s Top 10 Strategic Priorities for Australia – 2020.  Adapt, which

The new co-chairman of 21st Century Fox, Lachlan Murdoch, has told investors he doesn’t underestimate the challenges ahead for Fox — especially as its fourth-quarter results are released. Mini-me Murdoch, who stepped into his father’s shoes after Rupert Murdoch stepped down last month, told investors that he fears satellite and

In the age of disruption, brands need to do just that: disrupt. And if they don’t, they’re in trouble. At least that’s the view of Andy Lark chief marketing officer of software accounting company Xero. “It’s not enough to adapt, you actually need to disrupt,” he said, speaking at digital disruption

Most industries are vulnerable to digital disruption of established business models, including public sector services. The question is whether such industries use the opportunity to reposition in their markets by disrupting themselves, or whether they wait to be disrupted by external forces — with the prospect of a one-way ticket