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Good ad tech should improve campaign performance for advertisers, media performance for publishers and user experience for consumers. Note: I appreciate how busy we all are; therefore, if you want to skim this long article please just skip to the part at the end labeled “Summary“. Background In this years

In a world gone wild with self-promotion, Dr. Boris Mouzykantskii does not have a Wikipedia page and barely registers in a routine search. Yet ad tech majordomo Terence Kawaja of LUMA Partners calls him “the Godfather,” saying “much of the industry tech can be traced back to his work” — his

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Ad fraud across the mobile ecosystem has reached “ubiquitous” levels, according to a report from AppLift. As mobile technology advances, so too does the sophistication of ad fraud, making it one of the mobile industry’s “most pressing and complex issues today,” according to the report. “Mobile apps and websites have

Timothy Whitfield, director, technical operations at GroupM, weighs in on which ad tech terms are useful and which ones should be avoided at all costs. There are currently over 5,000 known ad tech companies in the global landscape and that number is changing daily. It’s very hard to keep up

The consolidation of the ad tech market continues, with ad management company Sizmek entering into an agreement to buy Rocket Fuel, an ad tech player which uses AI to optimise campaign performance. Sizmek, which is owned by Vector Capital, is offering $2.60 per share in cash. The price is well

The worlds of advertising technology (AdTech) and marketing technology (MarTech) —  which for decades have developed in parallel — are converging. That conflation is driven by the desire of MarTech platform vendors to provide a consolidated view of all marketing activity to brands, and the importance of identification in creating market-leading customer

One of the most important elements of marketing and digital transformation — that still attracts too little focus — is the marketing technology stack or marketing platform strategy. We hear a lot about Marketing Clouds and the literally thousands of bespoke marketing- and digital-related applications and software, but almost universally