When it comes to stopping the spread of misinformation, Australia is heading down the road of self-regulation, and a set of rules that the companies who currently propagate that misinformation will likely help to draft. What could possibly go wrong? This morning the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has

Nine could face a $420,000 fine from regulators if it does not improve its compliance with gambling advertising rules on its streaming platform. But gambling researchers are also concerned Australia’s new broadcast rules, which triggered the warning, may be diverting advertisements elsewhere online, where their impact is less understood. During

Telstra has received a formal warning from the communications watchdog for building a base station on top of a government office without consulting affected parties. The Australian reports the telco is also being investigated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in a separate incident related to it blocking international

Total spend on online advertising in Australia has continued to grow but is beginning to taper off, according to the latest data from ACMA, which also shows Australians are increasingly using digital technology to communicate. Register now for Which-50’s webinar on the disruptive impact of chatbots Traditional media markets continue to

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Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party has caused outrage all over the country claiming to have sent 5.6 million unsolicited campaign texts asking for people to “vote 1 for the party”. Palmer spoke during a press conference Monday afternoon calling the text barrage “successful” as from that “280,000 contacted our party