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In 2007 Therese Tucker, founder and CEO of BlackLine, had a choice to make: move all the accounting and finance software BlackLine provides customers to the cloud, or keep some of it on-premise. There were some major upsides to becoming a pureplay SaaS provider before it was fashionable, there was

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Xero and Stripe have expanded their online payment relationships by adding automated reconciliation a process that will help small business owners get paid faster. The integration gives Xero’s more than one million subscribers greater choice of payment services, more cash flow control and enhanced efficiency through automation, the companies said. Sign

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Finance functions and the accounting industry more broadly are on the cusp of a major transformational moment. That’s the view of Paul Wensor, Partner, Consulting at Deloitte. Automation, analytics and cloud computing are changing the role of the finance organisation, as well as the nature of work and skills needed