Adblocking is finding a receptive audience down under. In a very serious wake up call for Australia’s traditional and digital media companies who still rely heavily on display, a global survey by Accenture has found that Australian consumers have some of the most intensely negative views towards digital advertising and its impact

Digital expertise will become increasingly critical in the insurance sector as digitization and machine learning leads to more highly ‘automatable’ insurance according to management consultants McKinsey & Company. Meanwhile a separate piece of research by Accenture found that insurance companies are accelerating the shift to a radically different distribution model, where they

Core banking systems are complex, difficult and expensive — the very antithesis of digital agility. Yet banks that want to embrace the digital revolution have little choice but to power ahead. The good news is that there is an opportunity to realise an 18 to 25 per cent return on

The big Hollywood vision of completely interactive and intuitive digital technology might not be knocking on the door quite yet, but it’s not far from the end of the street. A recent report by consulting giant Accenture called “The Era of Living Services” has set its gaze beyond the internet

Analytics has overtaken mobile as the digital technology commanding the most attention from large corporates, according to a global new study by Accenture Digital. The study also found a potential link between digital adoption and profitability. Called “Growing the Digital Business, Accenture Mobility Research 2015”, the study sought the opinion

Digital technologies will create an additional $US1.36 trillion in economic activity by 2020 — and that is just within the world’s top ten economies, according to a report by Accenture. Called the Accenture Digital Density Index, the study was a joint venture with Oxford Economics. The authors say their work

Digital disruption is leading to an unprecedented erosion of brand loyalty across key industries, creating a ‘switching’ economy valued at over $US6 trillion, according to a new report by consultancy group, Accenture. Titled ‘Customer 2020: Are you future-ready or reliving the past?’, the reportfinds that a surprising proportion of companies

Mature economies have the potential to experience significant GDP gains over the next 15 years as the Internet of Things adds $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030, according to a new paper by Accenture. According to the report called “Winning with the Industrial Internet of Things”, “As the

Accenture is extending its digital footprint in Australia by buying Reactive Media, one of Australia’s largest digital agencies. The goal of the acquisition is to strengthen Accenture’s digital marketing and technology services in the fast growing digital space. Local agencies are proving tasty morsels to the Big Four accounting firms,

A report on the imapct of digital of the European economy argues that, while the vast majority of businesses see the potential in digital to support growth, they are still too focused on using digital investments to drive efficiencies rather than on making their products and services digital. According to