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Accenture today announced the acquisition of 2nd Road, an Australian-based strategic consultancy that specialises in infusing enterprise-wide innovation through design thinking methodologies into strategy creation. Download the CMO of Tomorrow report produced by the Which-50 Intelligence Unit Founded in 2002, 2nd Road provides consulting services in the areas of strategy, innovation and

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Shhhh, don’t mention the census. The Australian Bureau of Statistics, still smarting from the census debacle earlier this year, has handed a $19.9 million contract to develop the next generation of statistical infrastructure and transform the way the ABS collects, analyses and accesses statistics. Trevor Sutton, Deputy Australian Statistician of


Personalised experiences will deliver higher sales — but only if businesses remove unintended barriers, according to a study by Accenture Interactive. Consumer complaints about receiving irrelevant recommendations and being overwhelmed by choice are common, the study notes. Download the CMO of Tomorrow report produced by the Which-50 Intelligence Unit The Accenture Interactive

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The majority of car buying decisions are made online, but consumers still visit showrooms armed with more specific questions. That’s according to research from Accenture, which indicates that car dealerships have work to do on both online and offline fronts. Car buyers surveyed by Accenture stated that their expectations are

Accenture will acquire Kurt Salmon, a leading global strategy consulting firm focused on the retail industry and a subsidiary of Management Consulting Group. The move is designed to expand Accenture Strategy’s capabilities in delivering end-to-end strategy consulting services to top retailers and private equity firms in a world disrupted by

A timely reminder from the team at Accenture: lose sight of the value of human connections at your own peril. Accenture’s research report titled, Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement, found even in the “digital age” human interaction remains a vital component of customer satisfaction; 81 per cent of Australian consumers

Global professional services company, Accenture is expanding its security capabilities, agreeing to buy Australian consulting company Redcore, which specialises in cyber security. Which-50 and ADMA are introducing a one day classroom-based digital transformation education program for senior executives lead by visiting US subject matter expert Courtney Hunt PhD.  Places are strictly limited.

Nearly all of the Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs) surveyed by Accenture  around the world say  digital disruption will reshape their industries. Very few however are equipped to navigate the change. That’s a key finding from a study called ‘Thriving on Disruption’,  by the Accenture Institute for High Performance. According to Paul Nunes,

A new study by Accenture demonstrates how poor telecommunications parlays poor economic performance. Australia’s political leaders have been debating how best to deliver broadband for well over a decade. Almost all of that debate is framed around the NBN. In that same time the world changed under their feet and commerce

The fourth issue of Accenture’s Bringing TV to Life series offers strategic guidance to digital video businesses. Traditional television providers are especially vulnerable to disruption by new players. Nimble start-ups and massive rivals such as Amazon, Apple and Google all threaten the business models of legacy network operators. Lead author