There is the germ of an idea inside the much maligned Princeton study equating Facebook to a disease and predicting its terminal decline. What’s more Facebook’s strategy seems to acknowledge an inconvenient truth. Social networks lit up with predictable chatter over the last two weeks following the release of a

For now at least Facebook remains king of content sharing the world over, although its dominance is under serious threat in North America where Pinterest is poised to usurp the throne and in Europe, where Twitter is the contender according to a new study. The research by digital marketing platform

Bill Gates remains Which-50’s favorite tech entrepreneur. It’s not the company he built or the way he went about building it which frankly tested and broke the bounds of legality at times. It’s not the software – at least thrice a year Word or Excel crashes at precisely the most

In the world of real things, real companies often lag far behind the trend curve, even when the trend is smack-you-in-the-face obvious. A new study by Appcelerator, for instance shows enterprises still clearly fixated on the iOS phenomenon of 2011 and 12, even though the market has clearly and aggressively pivoted to