Banks are under intense pressure to develop effective strategies for managing digital disruption, but those figuring out how best to prioritise their investments as purse strings pull tighter are getting vastly better results. That’s according to a report from McKinsey entitled “How winning banks refocus their IT budgets for digital”,

In a recent study almost 80 per cent of board members in Swedish companies agreed that digital developments impact the business model. But they were less certain that such competence existed on the board or in the C-Suite. One telling sign was that more than 59% of the companies lacked

Australia’s marketers are more confident about digital than ever before, feel their personal skills have improved considerably over the last year, and are receiving higher levels of support for their activities within their organisation. Well at least that’s true in the B2C world. B2B marketers still lag, both in terms

A couple of weeks back I had the opportunity to speak at the DiG Festival about the future of retail. The panel, hosted by retail guru Nancy Georges, evolved very quickly away from a simple notion of retail to one augmented by digital technology, mobile connectivity and dominated by a


  The Internet of Things – the world of connected devices – represents an interesting and potentially transformational shift in the way humans, hardware and software interact. This programmble world is creating connections between technology enabled pieces of the environment such as central heating, vehicle engines, home appliances or production

Yesterday Apple revealed Apple Pay, along with its intention to have a red hot go at the market for mobile payment services. But the question remains: are consumers ready? Opinion is divided about how successful the company will be. Those focusing on its track record and finance industry relationships are

Smartphones are the primary access point for news for a third of young people aged 18 to 24 around the world, according to a Young Gov survey conducted for the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. The report also found very high levels of disruption in news in markets

Even though we’re in the sixth decade (or more) of the Digital Era, many organizational leaders and other senior professionals have still not fully grasped what that means in terms of their own digital technology awareness, literacy, and engagement.  The Digital Era isn’t coming, and it’s not just getting started.

The retail banking industry retains an embedded skepticism about the real ROI of social media due to a lack of tools to measure quantifiable results, according to the results of a global study by London based research outfit Timetric. Called, “2020 Foresight: Retail Banking and Social Media – Do the

One in five senior finance sector executives say they expect the next three years to yield precisely “zero” technology related disruption, according to a new study by the Economist’s Economic Intelligence Unit. The report, called “The Challenge of Speed” draws on a survey of 461 senior European executives across a