Spending on technology products and services will grow 5.7 per cent in Australia this year, reaching $A99.6 billion in total, according to Gartner. Local organisations will spend nearly $A5.4 billion more on hardware, software, and ICT services than they did in 2019. Globally, Gartner is forecasting IT spend to reach

Spending by retailers on internet of things technology will increase by nearly 400 per cent to $US2.5 billion by the end of the decade according to new research by Juniper. The hardware spend includes Bluetooth Beacons and RFID (radio frequency ID) tags. In the first instance, Bluetooth beacons enable visibility

Within six years half of the human race will be on the mobile web, as 1.6 billion new subscribers join the third of the world’s population already connected, according to a report by the Groupe Special Mobile Association (GSMA), a global body set up to represent the interests of mobile

Sometimes it is easy to forget that we are barely at the start of the smartphone revolution. New figures from a quarterly research report by Ericsson, however, put today’s numbers into sharp relief. According to Ericsson, over the next six years smartphone subscriptions around the world will increase from the

The tech sector has never had a problem with big numbers. Imagine any number large enough to meet any conceivable requirement. and you can be sure there is an IT outfit out there that will add another zero to the discussion. Earlier this year we reported a prediction by iDate