Twenty years after it disrupted the newspaper game online recruitment specialist Seek now finds itself having to bend its model to the will of a rampant, global insurgent – in this case Linkedin. For the first time the company will charge its recruitment industry clients to access its databases via

LinkedIn will enable web site publishers to profile visitors to their sites based on its huge pool of data, and then provide a marketing tech platform to segment and target those audiences to help drive sales. The company has also launched an ad network that will allow brands to track

Well that was quick. It’s less than eight years since Apple launched the iPhone and ushered in the smartphone era (sorry Blackberry). Now, according to Global Web Index, more than 80 per cent of 17 to 31 year olds around the world own a smartphone. Of course it’s not really

With only a small hint to irony, Twitter might well cast its corporate motto at “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.”  The micro-blogging networking famous for making stupid people famous looks destined for a date on the B-List.  It simply can’t match Facebook, Google, and Yahoo at the

The New York Times’ bumpy ride through digital disruption is not settled. But it’s looking more confident. NYT’s biggest revenue segment for 2014 was paid circulation, which has to be its primary focus. In fact the main question about NYT is whether it’s doing enough to elevate the product value. Advertising remains

Banks are under intense pressure to develop effective strategies for managing digital disruption, but those figuring out how best to prioritise their investments as purse strings pull tighter are getting vastly better results. That’s according to a report from McKinsey entitled “How winning banks refocus their IT budgets for digital”,

The Google-backed peer-to-peer lending company LendingClub listed this morning on the Nasdaq and immediately popped 60 per cent, underscoring the growing confidence investors have with emerging alternative finance companies. LendingClub, however, likes to view itself as a tech business rather than a financier — the multiples are better. Unlike the

Facebook gets beaten up occasionally about its teen audience – the view being that the Social Network’s demographic is skewing to and older cohort and ‘the kids’ are finding better ways to occupy their time. Mark Zuckerberg is probably not too worried. Here’s why. The days when Facebook was a

  Amongst the usual flim flam there was even a little substance — or egregious political bias, depending on your perspective — in the local Twitterverse this week. But One Direction’s decision to play the ARIAs was always going to come out on top. Each Monday, KINSHIP digital and Which-50

One of the greatest challenges any startup faces is distribution. How do you get your new product or service into the hot little hands of your customers? How do you do it quickly and with a high conversion rate? Gone are the days when you could drop your new app