Adobe will deliver the power of the crowd to its crowd in the latest major overhaul of its Creative Suite offering. In addition to integrating the 40 million images into Creative Cloud from the fotolia image library which it acquired last year, Adobe will also facilitate the sale of crowd-sourced

Around the world, consumers want retailers to give them greater access to information so they can make more informed choices when they shop. And they recognise the importance of technology in delivering this. However, they remain sensitive to issues over privacy. The figures are contained in a global study released

Even as it expands rapidly to fill the volume of ever growing demand, the adtech space simultaneously consolidates. The week was book-ended by two deals. The first was big and interesting because of the price and who was involved. The later for its intent. On May 12 Verizon bought AOL

A curious headline caught my attention the other day: “Notifications Are The Next Platform.” It’s the sort of proclamation you expect from the headline’s publisher, TechCrunch, one of Silicon Valley’s most influential media companies. Intuitively we know notifications are a big deal. Every single mobile app is built with notifications

After years of sniping at each other in the ERP space, Netsuite and Microsoft have buried the hatchet… to an extent, forming an alliance that will see close integration between Netsuite’s platfrom and Microsoft’s cloud based Office 365. The arrival of former Office boss Fred Studer at Netsuite as CMO

Malcolm Turnbull does it again, topping the pops in our Digital Transformation Chatter Report. Turnbull is the only Australian ever to reach such lofty heights, and now he has done it twice,  this time courtesy of the announcement of the search for the new government digital chief. Each weekday the

An analysis of more than 240 billion measured advertising impressions— from more than 840,000 ads across 120,000 campaigns — has uncovered important trends around digital advertising viewability. The study by Sizmek, which claims to be the world’s largest independent ad server, included data from 74 countries and found that ads

The holy grail of social media marketing is to be able to channel content to influencers which resonates with them to the extent that they amplify such content into their networks — thus generating “earned media” at scale. The skill in maximising the return on investment for such content marketing lies

They are the goat in the snake, a large lumpy demographic at the start of their journey and they will increasingly dictate the kinds of apps and services that emerge in the online world. Not surprisingly the countries with the largest youth cohorts are in the developing world. These are

The Commonwealth Bank has Australia’s most satisfied internet banking consumers among the Big Four, while Westpac’s internet banking comes fourth, although it still reports very high levels of satisfaction. And in all four instances, internet banking records a higher level of satisfaction than branch banking, according to a survey by