Big data is an insider’s game. The skills, the budgets and mostly the incentives tend to limit its discussion to practitioners and their corporate sponsors. When discussion  does leak into the public domain its usually for the wrong reasons – from vague concerns that Facebook might be sharing just a

Marketing departments are accelerating the implementation of their digital marketing technology platforms, but many still prefer to buy point solutions and build up. However, the most successful and leading companies are taking a holistic view of the ecosystem. That’s our key takeout from a recent interview with Charlie Wood, Salesforce

Nine Entertainment Company (NEC) has acquired Microsoft’s 50 per cent share of Mi9 – the successor to NineMSN. The relationship between the two companies will continued however, as Microsoft has signed a long term strategic relationship giving NEC access to Redmond’s technology stack  as well as its advertising products. As

Here’s what we have learnt about Twitter from it’s IPO filing. The company has 218 million active monthly users up from 151 million a year ago. It has about 100 million daily active users. We also know that it generated revenues of $US254 million in the first six months of