Taboola today announced a beta program for its own version of the stories format popular on Instagram and Snapchat.

Taboola Stories will allow publishers to embed the vertical, mobile-friendly stories on their own websites. Brands will be able to place ads in the new format.

Users will need to click the stories to play but they then cycle automatically and cand be constantly updated with recommendations, similar to Taboola’s flagship content discovery platform that presents content recommendations on websites to generate publishers extra revenue and views.

A preview of Taboola Stories. Image: Supplied

The advertising platform company says its stories product will keep users on sites longer and offer marketers a chance to use stories on the open web.

Stories uses the same recommendation engine as Taboola Feed, Taboola’s article recommendation product used by thousands of publishers.

“We’re combining the best of two worlds, making it easier than ever for publishers to keep readers engaged and allowing readers to discover more content and promoted recommendations by advertisers they may like,” said Adam Singolda, CEO at Taboola.

“Taboola Stories is a big leap forward in the flexibility we’ve given to publishers, and their abilities to interact with readers. We’re fortunate to have spent 13 years innovating to deliver more opportunities for publishers to develop closer relationships with readers and drive more engagement, and revenue in the process. Compared to story-driven formats on traditional social media platforms, Taboola Stories offer similar formats, but side-by-side to premium, editorial content that exists in the open web.”

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