Tablets trump smartphones in watching video ad to the end, says TubeMogul

Android tablets have the highest video completion rates compared to all other consumer devices in Australia, according to new research from TubeMogul.

The research report by TubeMogul found that 83 per cent of standard pre-roll video advertisements were viewed by consumers to completion on Android tablets. This compared to 46 per cent  for the Apple iPad, while Blackberry-powered tablets registered completion rates of 61 per cent.

In the mobile phone category, Windows devices achieved standard pre-roll video ad completion rates of 56 per cent, compared to 48 per cent for iPhones, and 38 per cent for Android phones. The research was carried out over a three-month period, from April 1 to June 30 of this year.

TubeMogul also revealed that more than one third of mobile video ads served by the company in Australia are now running on tablet devices, demonstrating the strong opportunity for brands to serve programmatic ads that perform strongly on the larger-screen format.

According to Taylor Schreiner (pictured), vice president of research at TubeMogul  “We found it interesting that the choice of tablet device plays a huge factor in completion rates and varies from country-to-country. Android came out top in Australia, Apple tablet devices performed the best in the UK, and Blackberry devices led the U.S. market. Overall, our research demonstrates that tablet devices are becoming an important force in mobile programmatic advertising.”

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The company also analysed tablet advertising inventory over the Queens Birthday Weekend in June and found that available in-app tablet inventory spiked by 12 per cent compared to the previous weekend.

“Advertisers have a tremendous opportunity to engage audiences with creative tailored for tablet devices. This opportunity only increases on public holidays when consumers take time out to relax and and browse on their tablets,” said Sam Smith, TubeMogul Australia and New Zealand managing director.

The company said the rising profile of tablets, where 38 per cent of mobile pre-roll video ad impressions are served, is in line with market estimates that 37 per cent percent of Internet users in Australia own a tablet.

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