Swinburne University of Technology has opened its Centre for the New Workforce, designed to support Australian businesses, organisations and employees by developing new approaches to learning.

Swinburne said its new centre is working alongside partners including Deloitte and LinkedIn to help organisations prepare their people to prosper in the face of digital disruption.

The centre investigates the fundamental changes underway in the future of work, and develops new approaches to learning that individuals and their organisations need to succeed.

Linda Kristjanson, vice-chancellor at Swinburne said, “New technologies are transforming work and workplaces as we know them, and this pace of change is set to accelerate further in the coming years. As a society we must make sure we invest in our people as much as we invest in technology, to ensure we can thrive in the future of work.”

Dr Sean Gallagher, director of the Centre for the New Workforce said, “As companies and organisations increasingly begin to think about the digital economy, they tend to focus more on their technology requirements than on preparing their people.

“The Centre for the New Workforce recognises that the future of work must foremost be about people. Australian workers want to take on the responsibility of their own upskilling to prepare for the future of work.

“They want their learning to be work-relevant, accessible, and integrated with work in a supportive environment. Businesses have an opportunity – and an obligation – to enable this, by providing their workforce with the right tools and culture to achieve learning for the future of work.”

The centre is based in the university’s Hawthorn campus.

New research

According to research conducted by the centre and YouGov, 51 per cent of Australian workers are fearful about losing their jobs due to the impact of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

Working Australians fear the impact of technology on their job security even more so than the impact of the economy. In particular, most Australians feel they are not ready for the changes they expect over the next five years.

The survey found 59 per cent are prepared to take charge and be responsible for preparing themselves for the future of work.

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