CEOs are increasingly facing the conflict of short-term profitability pressures versus long-term sustainability issues. Social profit (in terms of sustainability and social good) and financial profit are increasingly intertwined, as savvy shareholders and an informed public demand corporations, large and small alike, use their influence for the good of the

As companies and countries race to net zero emissions, it is innovations in technology that will drive them there faster. Calix is an Australian company working on carbon capture through their core “kiln” technology. The company claims that the kiln works by separating CO2 by flash heating minerals in external

Amazon Web Services has announced the launch of its first accelerator for startups focussed on clean tech innovations.  AWS says that the startups it is looking to onboard must be “working with clean technology for energy storage, monitoring, carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), seismic activity, hydrogen generation for energy,

Finnish Impact investor Finnfund claims it has become the first development financier to deliver an investment portfolio that is carbon net-negative. Its 2019 data revealed that in its investment portfolio worth EUR 617 million, across forestry and agroforestry, they removed 134,679 more carbon dioxide tonnes (tCO2e) than they emitted. According

  The future of property is smart sustainability, says Ed Horton, Director of Stable Properties. The property developer is using tech-enabled innovations to build energy efficient, sustainable homes. Learn more: Discover the Fastest Route to Carbon Neutral IT Operations The combination of passive design and engineering to reduce waste, and increase

Gold and mineral producer Newmont Corporation today announced a $3 billion sustainability-linked credit facility. The company claims that the facility will generate pricing adjustments based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.  Learn more: Discover the Fastest Route to Carbon Neutral IT Operations According to Tom Palmer, President and CEO of

  In the latest episode of Boardroom.Media’s sustainable business series, Impact Pioneers, Michael Gumbly, CEO of Megado Gold discusses the company’s impact journey and how they are creating Shared Value in Ethiopia.  “Being that we’re new and we’re a Start-Up, what we’ve been trying to do from the outset is

energyOS recently launched its digital energy services platform eOS on AWS Marketplace to help utility companies implement clean energy capabilities. eOS will assist AWS customers in supporting their climate change commitments by providing a digital catalogue of clean and renewable energy services. According to Stephen Kubicki, CEO, energyOS, “With eOS available

More than 50 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions come from just eight global supply chains, with the food and construction industries making up 35 per cent of these emissions.  The figures are contained in a report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Register for Which-50’s Digital Acceleration and Sustainable

Microsoft has just launched a virtual data centre tour, showcasing the company’s approach to sustainable operations. The virtual tour allows users to navigate through various rooms in the data centre, with click-throughs to educational tools such as infographics and 3D models. Learn more: Discover the Fastest Route to Carbon Neutral IT