NAB will use power from wind and solar farms to offset the energy used by its more than 600 branches by the end of next year, the bank announced today. Australia’s largest business bank has entered a three year deal with ENGIE to purchase renewable energy certificates that will offset

Amazon is investing in more renewable energy projects in Australia, announcing it has backed a planned Victorian wind farm today as part of the company’s global renewable energy push. Amazon declined to reveal details of the wind farm investment for commercial reasons. The wind farm, located in Victorian Western District

Natures Organics says it has lowered its technology and carbon footprints, reduce IT costs, and future-proof its infrastructure as Australia’s manufacturing industry reignites. The solution was provided by Nutanix and its partner Australian Sentinel. Founded in 1981, Natures Organics is one of Australia’s pioneers in environmentally responsible initiatives, as a

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the development of the global green economy although parts of the world, such as South East Asia are not keeping pace. A new report from Bain and Company finds that the region is now at an inflection point, but with the right policies, has the

Australia’s mining sector is under increasing pressure to transition to a more sustainable and transparent way of operating. In the latest episode of Pay It Forward, Nic Pollock, Chief Commercial Officer at K2fly, argues why mining is integral to a sustainable future. K2fly is a SaaS platform fo managing environmental,

Too many businesses still treat environmental management and intelligence as a tick-box ‘compliance exercise’ (51 per cent) and the ‘cost of doing business’ (43 per cent), rather than a transformational opportunity.  That’s a key finding from a new report by Frost & Sullivan, which partnered with Australian technology company Envirosuite

Climate change, and actions to counter it, represent one of the decade’s biggest strategic megatrends, virtually in every industry vertical. The technology sector is no exception.As Annette Zimermann and I argue in our recent research note, Competing in the Age of Climate Change and Radical Decarbonization (subscription required), it is something

While many business leaders recognise we are in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, we are also undergoing a fourth energy revolution. That’s the view of Gareth O’Reilly, Zone President and Managing Director, Pacific at Schneider Electric. O’Reilly told Which-50 this energy revolution involves digitisation and increased visibility across

Australia’s top scientists are using machine learning and camera sensor technologies to automatically identify items of rubbish in rivers, as part of an ongoing project to reduce the 67 million tonnes of waste Australia produces each year. By understanding where and when plastic waste enters rivers, the CSIRO hopes to

SAP has pledged to allocate 5 per cent of its addressable procurement spending to social enterprises and diverse businesses by 2025, and is urging its 440,000 customers to join it. Under the “5 & 5 by ‘25” initiative announced this week the German software giant will spend five per cent