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A simple post on LinkedIn recently elicited a surprisingly strong result from amongst our marketing and digital readers.  We asked, “If you have been involved in replacing one marketing cloud with another, or even a major part of a marketing cloud with another, please get in touch.”

It’s rare that people contact us to say “please interview me for this story” but that’s exactly what happened. Marketers, it seems, have a lot to say on the topic. The stories they told us were remarkably consistent.

Over the last 18 months, in round tables, in panels, and in interviews we have conducted the same general uneasiness has reared its head – marketers have bought the story that they need to invest in technology to stay competitive – and they still believe it.

However many do not feel they are getting value for money from their investments. We know the vendors are struggling with retention, especially as many have economic models that require them to hold on to subscribers for at least two to three years.

So what is going wrong?

After conducting our in-depth interviews (and we still have a few to go) we have decided to drill more deeply into this issue with a quantitative study. Among the insights we are after;

  • Why you needed to change your marketing technology
  • The importance if issues like skills availability, support levels, speed to market, and price were to your decisions
  • Managing privacy and personalisation
  • Decision making and accountabilities for marketing technology
  • Relationships with other key stakeholders
  • The level of integration between marketing technology and other systems in the business
  • The maturity of data-driven decision making

The study will only take 5 minutes to complete and if you are so inclined you have the opportunity to enter the draw to win an Apple Watch. And of course, we will make the results of the study available to you first.

So help us understand what is going on, and occasionally what is going wrong by completing the survey.

As always, your assistance in helping us understand these issues is very much appreciated.

Andrew Birmingham – Editor-in-Chief, Which-50 Media



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