Still think the Twitter IPO was a good bet?

Twitter, as Statista once famously observed – has a quitter problem and that has serious implications for its growth potential. And for its share price.

Since peaking at $73.31 on boxing day last year Twitter has lost a third of its value in just less than three months.

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You will find more statistics at Statista

While it’s still adding audience, as this chart from Statista demonstrates, the deceleration is alarming.

Some Twitter shareholders – basically non executives – where allowed to sell their shares on  February 15th. The biggest holders such as Co-founder Evan Williams, with 10 per cent and Rizvi Traverse Management and those investors within its orbit (about 16 per cent) will have to wait until later in the year. It will be a nervous few months.

Those larger share holders will be nervously eyeing off May 6 this year, when they are allowed to unload.

Groupon tanked 10 per cent on the day it came out of lock up. You can bet nobody with a large block of Twitter stock has forgotten that.

Unless Twitter’s leadership can create a compelling story around growth in the next few months our prediction that Twitter will be under water by June might start to look conservative.

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