r/SocialMediaBrandsInAU just gained a new member.

Social news aggregation site Reddit has announced today it will set up shop locally, with a dedicated Australian based office.

Led by David Ray, the current General Manager for Digital Platforms at WooliesX, the local arm will be a wholly owned and operated team of Community, Engineering and Sales staff, as confirmed to Which-50. The Australian business will be managed by Reddit’s Head of International, Tariq Mahmoud out of New York.

In a release sent to local media laden with colloquialisms, designed to show they ‘get’ Australia, Reddit advised it will ‘say g’day to our mates in the Southern Hemisphere” and create a ‘fair dinkum’ place for brands to reach the local audience based on their passions and interests, as opposed to demographics.

When asked for information on the local audience which has encouraged this move, Reddit refused to identify the size of the existing Australian community but said Australia is home to the platform’s fourth largest user base, contributing 158 million posts, comments and votes on a monthly basis.

Reddit has also been identified as the ninth most popular site in Australia, according to Alexa, and the 19th worldwide.

While being elusive with the details, Reddit claims it’s users are the most hard-to-reach, with 40% of Reddit users in Australia not on Twitter, 20% not being active on Facebook, 23% do not have an Instagram account, 51% are not on Snapchat and 70% are not on TikTok.

In terms of the social media brands, Reddit joins a long line of tech titans already established in the local market. Facebook opened its first facility in Australia in 2009, Twitter launched their presence in 2016 during the same year as Snapchat, with TikTok opening its doors during a turbulent 2020.

Reddit says it already has the support of media agencies, with Australian born, NYC-based US Chief Digital Officer Joshua Lowcock coming out in support of the platform. “Reddit is a cultural phenomenon and a great platform for brands wishing to connect with customers, fans, and advocates who influence brand loyalty and purchase decisions” he said.

Closer to home, CEO of digital performance agency Reprise Australia, Maria Grivas welcomed the move. “With the rise and power of online communities, the launch of Reddit in Australia is exciting not only for us but for the industry at large.”

Reddit made headlines globally this year with communities using the platform to manipulate the financial markets, in particular helping inflate the values of stocks in companies GameStop and AMC Theatres.

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