Cloud-based marketing productivity platform SimpleHQ has released a number of new product features to help enterprise marketing teams execute their work faster and more efficiently, day-in and day-out. 

The new features include improvements to Jobs, SimpleHQ’s agile, quick-turnaround marketing work management system, which enables users to request work using templates that are pre-populated with information customised to suit their business. 

The company said the changes are designed to help automate the process of managing always-on marketing work, eliminating the need for individual team members to spend time tracking down details, and shortening go-to-market times. 

New Job types can be assigned pre-defined approval workflows, to aid with approvals.

Customised Briefs can also be created for each Job type. That should – for example –  ensure social media campaigns are briefed with the right hashtag, and email campaigns are launched with the right call to action. 

“The changes mean marketing teams will spend less time asking agencies and creative teams to re-do creative work, facilitating the continuous delivery expected of brands these days,” SimpleHQ’s head of product marketing John Craig said. 

According to the company, other new features include the ability to track the time taken to get work done and approved compared with the original deadlines. As a result, teams and marketing leaders will always know how work is progressing, and where the bottlenecks are – by user, by team, by project and by role.

Improvements have also been made to give teams greater flexibility to alter processes and add new team members mid-stream, enabling faster collaboration on-the-fly. 

The upgrade also adds single sign-on, allowing teams to manage all their marketing work without the hassle of logging in and out.

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