Serco Group has selected Australian software company, nimbus, as its global provider of workforce management software to support the productivity and safety of more than 30,000 workers in 40 locations across Asia Pacific, the United Kingdom, North America, and the Middle East.

For its part, nimbus claims the agreement is one of the largest for an Australian-based workforce management company. 

The project will also see the creation of a Centre of Excellence to ensure seamless and transparent innovation in the Serco workforce across its Government customer base, nimbus providing thousands of Serco workers and their managers with timely access to what it describes as world’s best practice workforce management solutions.

The deal is an extension of a relationship which began in 2018, and which expands the relationship between the two until 2024.

The parties say the nimbus Time2Work solution will be deployed in some of the world’s most diverse working environments to ensure staff are accurately paid, safely work the hours they are required to work, and have access to shift selection and other workplace functions in real time. nimbus will also enable Serco to:

  • View the central operational area on the ground at a site level, providing a real-time snapshot of staffing at any given point in the day.
  • Schedule to the forecasted demand and respond to the dynamics of daily operations, enabling the business unit to effectively and flexibly manage the use of staff hours.
  • Facilitate pan-operation scheduling to enhance utilisation of staff hours.
  • Capture time sheets electronically within Time2Work and auto-approve based on configurable rules.
  • Provide centralised skills tracking and schedule forecasting to meet the strict requirements of many Government contracts, through the utilisation of Time2Work’s Skills Engine.
  • Enable employees to interact with the nimbus native application on iOS and Android mobile devices and provide Serco with their upcoming availability, see any upcoming training, and submit leave applications on the go.

The solution is already being deployed by Serco workforces, as diverse as the US Space Force Surveillance System operation in the US and Mexico; the justice system in the UK, Australia and New Zealand (including the largest prisoner escort service in the UK); Judicial Courthouses across South East England, including greater London; Air Traffic Control Towers located across the US; NHS hospitals across Central London; and the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth.

Serco will also deploy a global information sharing platform it calls the Centre of Excellence.

The establishment of a joint Centre of Excellence will ensure any workforce engagement and productivity gains in a Serco facility can be adapted to all facilities and scaled seamlessly. It will be responsible for ensuring collaboration between nimbus and Serco management at a local and global level, providing roadmaps and implementation strategies for training and upskilling of all nimbus Time2Work features, regardless of location and industry.

According to nimbus CEO Grant Custance, the expansion of the relationship between Serco and nimbus is evidence Australian workforce optimisation (WFO) management technology can lead the world, particularly in a challenging time for managing thousands of employees across diverse environments. “nimbus provides cloud-first, WFO solutions for high profile customers around the world — servicing, engaging, and improving their workforce operations. We see a fantastic opportunity to grow our presence more broadly across the US market and in various industry verticals. This is today’s technology meeting tomorrow’s needs.”

Rupert Soames, Chief Executive, Serco, said  the the company will be able to  ensure the safety, wellbeing, and empowerment of thousands of Serco employees. “We are pleased to be extending our relationship across more countries and people; nimbus is a core technology component in our strategy to be one of the best-managed businesses in the world supplying complex and mission-critical services to Government clients.”

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