Search advertising spending in Asia Pacific continues to experience robust growth according to Kenshoo’s analysis.

Indeed Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) is now the fastest growing region for search advertising in the world, according to the Kenshoo study of its customer data.

The data, described in the Search Advertising Trends Asia-Pacific Japan infographic, reveals that search spending grew seven percent for the quarter and a solid 13 percent for the year. That compares favorably to the experience in the Americas where the results where two percent and 10 percent respectively.

Other metrics in the APJ region all looked strong with solid growth in impressions and clicks, once again significantly in advance of the performance of the other parts of the world.

Indeed the only decline across the region came in year-on-year click-through rates, which fell one percent, although the quarterly result was a six percent improvement.

APAC and Japan is the world's strongest growth market for search advertising
APAC and Japan is the world’s strongest growth market for search advertising

Mobile advertising –quite specifically on smartphones and not tablets – is the star performer around the world, growing by more than 50 percent in each of the three regions studied.

The Americas were the top performer with 69 percent growth, and APJ was not far behind with 62 percent.

The data also reveals that cost per click for mobile in APJ is considerably less than for desktops or tablets, but all three devices dipped in Q3 relative to the previous quarter, according to the Kenshoo analysis.

Kenshoo Dec image 2

“Possible causes could be heavier reliance on brand terms, or building out broader keyword lists at lower prices to increase overall keyword coverage.”

Search ad impressions and clicks were both up by over 20 percent for the quarter in APJ with the authors saying, “Click growth caught up with impression growth in Q3, while smartphones saw impressions triple compared to the previous year.”

Meanwhile the overall CPCs dipped in Q3 for APJ, compared to both the previous quarter and the same quarter last year. “Click-through rate grew despite the large increase in impressions on smartphones.”

The average cost per click in Australia grew just under four percent to $0.78 for the quarter. The authors note, “Of the larger markets in APJ, China has the highest CPC, while Australia has higher click-through rates.”


Kenshoo also released findings on social activity for the quarter also based on global data from the Kenshoo Digital Marketing Snapshot: Q3 2015.

That analysis revealed, “Paid social continues its upward trend as adoption grows and new publishers bring additional inventory and opportunities for marketers.”

And they say that as with search, mobile social lead the way, growing its spend by 159 percent over the last 12 months.

Interestingly, impression volumes actually fell on social over the twelve months by 36 percent, although clicks grew by 75 percent suggesting advertisers are becoming much more efficient with their activity.




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