The number of vendors in the marketing technology landscape grew by 13.6 per cent, to a total of 8,000 martech solutions in the last 12 months, according to Chief 

Published by Scott Brinker, the annual infographic is frequently referenced by vendors, marketers and analysts to highlight the challenges and trends in the evolving $121 billion industry. 

Since it was first published in 2011 the landscape has grown 5,233 per cent. While the numbers keep getting larger, the graphic and accompanying research also highlights other trends, including consolidation or collapse of 615 solutions in the last year. 

“If you were predicting consolidation, an 8.7 per cent churn rate from one year to the next is pretty significant attrition to support that narrative,” Brinker writes.  

But the rate of venture creation is outpacing consolidation. “1 in 5 of the solutions on this year’s martech landscape weren’t there last year. That’s almost the equivalent of the entire 2015 marketing technology landscape,” Brinker writes. 

This year’s graphic adopted a new design to accommodate the additions and supporting information on the lefthand side. 

Category-by-category, software for handling data is the fastest growing category, up 25.5 per cent from 2019, followed by management tools and social and experience. 

The research was conducted prior to the escalation of the coronavirus in March 2020, which is likely to put a lot of companies young and old out of business. 

Will the coronavirus crisis ravage the martech landscape? Maybe. But I think we’re looking at more of a short-term hit than a long-term death. The next year will likely be rough for a lot of martech vendors, if for no other reason than it’s going to be a tough time for their customers.” 

Overall, Brinker predicts a strong decade for martech as the world continues to become more digital. 

Read the full analysis of the marketing technology landscape here

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