The Chief MarTech Man is on the move. Scott Brinker, tracker of the famous and ever-expanding marketing technology ecosystem will join HubSpot as the company’s Vice-President, Platform Ecosystems.

In an entry about the move on his own blog, Brinker wrote, “I wasn’t planning to take a new job. I was very happy as the CTO of ion interactive working on the future of interactive content. While I was flattered whenever other firms reached out, my mission at ion still stirred my passion more.

“But then HubSpot approached me about the opportunity to help them shape their platform ecosystem strategy. Frankly, it was one of those ‘you had me at hello’ moments.”

He wrote that he sees the role as the chance to help realise the MarTech platform potential that he has always believed was possible. “How could I refuse?”

One of the things that appears to have swayed Brinker is HubSpot’s relationship with its integration peers.

“The truth is that platforms are tricky things. You need to balance the needs of customers and partners, and while those missions are often aligned, they’re not always perfectly aligned,” he wrote.

According to Brinker, the most awkward moments are when a platform decides to build something natively that a partner had previously provided as a third party. “You can tell a lot about a platform by how it handles that scenario.”

With his current company ion Interactive in the process of being bought by Scribblelive, he described the moment as an ideal inflection point to transition to something new, knowing that ion was in good hands and making its own big leap forward.

Commenting on the move on Linkedin, Darren Guarnaccia, strategic advisor at Cognigy and a former executive VP at Sitecore, noted, “Joining HubSpot as their VP Platform Ecosystem is a smart move on the company’s part. It’s a strong signal that they are opening up their platform, and with Scott’s guidance, will start to solve the wider marketing problem.”

According to Guarnaccia, “Most marketing automation tech is lead-management technology at best, and glorified email delivery at worst. It is my hope and belief that Scott will help them raise their game to start to tackle the real business of marketing operations, and how to optimise and operationalise the business of marketing. It’s the one department left in most companies that still runs largely on spreadsheets, and sneakernet.”

He also pondered whether the move might reignite the platform wars, and introduce a new wave of innovation in the tech landscape. “I sure hope so. I wish Scott the best of success shaking things up at HubSpot and the broader industry.”

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