SAP today announced it will acquire Signavio, a berlin based business process monitoring and automation startup. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but Bloomberg sources say the deal is worth US$1.2 billion.

The German software giant says the acquisition will boost the capability of its new digital transformation product “RISE with SAP”, also announced this week.

Signavio is a cloud-based management platform for mid and large-sized organisations used to analyse and improve business processes. Founded in Berlin in 2009 the company now offers a suite of software products for business transformation, processes, workflows, and collaboration.

In Australia, NBN Co, for example, uses Signavio to monitor its workflows and governance.

Today’s deal, still subject to regulatory approval but expected to close in the first quarter of 2021, gives SAP a business process management tool that, importantly, is cloud-native.

SAP says Signavio will be combined with its own Business Process Intelligence unit to give customers a more flexible and scalable way of transforming and managing their business processes.

“I cannot overstress the importance for companies to be able to design, benchmark, improve and transform business processes across the enterprise to support new  capabilities and business models,” said SAP CFO Luka Mucic.

“The combination of business process intelligence from SAP and Signavio creates a leading end-to-end business process transformation suite to help our customers achieve the requirements needed to gain a competitive edge.”

RISE and Shine

On Wednesday SAP unveiled its new RISE with SAP product, a digital transformation “concierge” service that claims to help with more holistic change beyond software and infrastructure.

Offered as a subscription service, RISE features one responsible party for service-level agreement, operations and support. SAP is pushing the new service as a way of monitoring ongoing transformation with guidance from SAP and its partners.

“Geopolitical tensions, environmental challenges and the ongoing pandemic are forcing businesses to deal with change faster than ever before,” said Christian Klein, chief executive officer, SAP.

“Companies that can adapt their business processes quickly will thrive — and SAP can help them achieve this. This is what RISE with SAP is all about: it helps customers continuously unlock new ways of running businesses in the cloud to stay ahead of their industry.”

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