Samsung payment service, Samsung Pay has updated its platform allowing users to tap on to Opal terminals throughout NSW.

It allows users to set a default payment card to tap on and off Opal terminals with their phone while still locked.

The new feature will be available to Australian users once the next Samsung Pay software update rolls out.

Users tap their phone onto the terminals like they would do for completing an in-store purchase. Commuters will be able to use the new feature where credit cards are accepted at Opal terminals, trains, NSW trainlink, light rail or Sydney ferries.

Samsung said Australians will be one of the first market in the world to use the feature, with the update being developed specifically for the Opal system in NSW, building on the contactless payment system rolled out by Transport for NSW.

samsung pay opal nswMark Hodgson, head of Samsung Pay in Australia said, “Samsung is investing in delivering cutting-edge solutions for Samsung Pay to help provide customers with maximum convenience and security for their mobile wallet.

“As a first step, we are rolling out this technology to work with the Opal system in NSW.

“We worked with Transport for NSW to build a solution that is designed to offer a seamless experience for people choosing to use Samsung Pay when commuting across the NSW Opal network.

“We pride ourselves on working with organisations to help create convenient solutions for customers, and we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to make this happen.”

Samsung Pay first launched in Australia in June 2016 and to date has partnered with hundreds of banks worldwide. In 2018, Samsung Pay became the first mobile smartphone provider to partner with all of Australia’s big four banks.

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