How frequently should marketers contact their customers? And what’s the best time to send a marketing email?

Those are some of the questions Salesforce hopes its new AI-powered features will answer for its customers.

The company unveiled several new marketing capabilities at the company’s Connections conference in Chicago this week.

Under the Einstein banner, Salesforce has taken the approach of baking AI capabilities into its existing products to reduce the workload for marketers and make their activities more efficient.

Pictured above, Einstein Engagement Frequency will provide insights to marketers on exactly how many emails to send to customers in order to keep them engaged without fatiguing their audience.

Staying with email marketing, Einstein Send Time Optimisation uses AI to automatically predict the best time to send marketing emails to optimise customer engagement and avoid creating unsubscribers.

Another new feature is Einstein Content Tagging, which uses image recognition to automatically and accurately tags thousands of images within a content library, helping marketers save time and locate the best images. Previously, marketers had to manually create image tags–a cumbersome and imprecise process – to find the best, most engaging images for their emails.

Salesforce also unveiled Transactional Messaging within Marketing Cloud that integrates transactional and promotional messages into the same campaign.

According to the company, there are two types of email and mobile messages that brands send to customers: promotional and transactional. Promotional messages offer discounts, coupons and other incentives encouraging customers to view or buy products while transactional messages include purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, password resets, financial alerts and appointment reminders.

“Now, companies can understand the complete customer journey, ensure a single voice is being used for all messages and embed promotional content in transactional messages and vice versa,” the company said.

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