Salesforce has announced Einstein Voice, a new voice controlled feature for its CRM software. The voice enabled interface will allow users to conversationally update Salesforce by dictating commands to the Salesforce mobile app or a smart speaker.

The voice capability is expected to be available in a pilot program around the end of 2019, according to Salesforce. Admins will also be able to build customer-facing Einstein Voice Bots connected to Salesforce by mid-2019.

The new Einstein Voice feature is an extension of Salesforce’s AI-enabled CRM assistant, Einstein. According to the company, Einstein makes more than three billion predictions every day, assisting users with information and predictions on sales, service marketing and commerce.

Einstein Assistant Home Screen

In addition to conversationally updating Salesforce, Einstein Voice allows users to receive personalised daily briefings and explore Salesforce dashboards via voice commands.

Salesforce users will also be able to develop “Einstein Voice Bots” – customer facing voice bots that integrate with virtual assistants like Alexa or the Google Assistant. The feature could, for example, allow customers to make changes to reservations through voice commands to their smart speaker. Salesforce says the the voice bots can be customised to match corporate branding of companies.

Betting on voice

The CRM giant is backing voice interfaces as “the new Enterprise UI”, citing the rapid uptake of smart speakers and saying the technology is quickly becoming ubiquitous.

“Today, one in five US adults have smart speakers in their homes and Capgemini predicts that by 2021, 40 per cent of consumers will use voice technology over apps and websites to do a wide range of activities—from search to shopping,” a company statement said.

According to Salesforce co-founder and CTO, Parker Harris, voice technology is already having a significant impact.

“We’re in the midst of an incredible technological shift, where the power of voice is fundamentally changing the way we work,” Harris said.

“Einstein Voice will usher in a new era of conversational CRM, delivering new levels of productivity and redefining customer experiences with voice technology.”

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