Girls love curls … and boy bands. That’s good news for Twitter, as the boy bands and other pretty people dominated a very busy Retweet Report — which saw activity spike to 4.4 million retweets instead of the usual 3.3 million.

And buried under the avalanche of pre-pubescent meanderings there were still a few thinky nuggets to be found.

Each week, KINSHIP digital and Which-50 take the pulse of the Australian Twittersphere to discover the most-retweeted links in the country over the last seven days. Mostly we ignore the cornucopia of boy band braggadocio, but our Canadian-based cultural affairs editor Buffy Montauben has given us enough of a back story on some of this week’s retweet sensations to warrant a little commentary.

Celebrity is the core business of Twitter, as we have pointed out before. That’s why boy bands like One Direction and 5 Sounds of Summer (not to mention the omnipresent Justin Bieber) feature so prominently.

This week, however, they were all usurped by South African-born gay Australian heart throb, movie star (X-Men) and YouTube sensation (thank you Ms Montauben) Troye Sivan, whose tweet “Happiest Place” linked to a photo of what looks like a recording studio. Ironically, he doesn’t appear especially happy — or maybe that’s what passes for moody and brooding these days.

And he could do with a haircut. It’s back to school week after all.


Sivan has 3.8 million followers on YouTube and 3.3 million followers on Twitter and — as our esteemed Canadian colleague points out — actually does some good in the world occasionally with all that delicious reach instead of just trying to flog a brand or a latest piece of highly processed, 3D-printed music.

His coming out video, for instance, was huge (according to Ms Montauben) and he uses his influence to provide solace to fans in his ever-expanding base when they find themselves similarly confronted by difficult choices.

Of course, Sivan shared the retweet platform with other members of the ever-popular boy band mafia including “Jai” (@nanashemefan) and our old chums of 1D.

There was also space on the Retweet list this week for a few people over the age of 20.

Harvard Law professor Jonathan Zittrain, for instance, scored a hit with this pithy and pictorial observation:


And journalist Dave Donovan found favour amongst the Twitterati with this contribution: “Lady calls Turnbull’s office to talk about women being molested on Nauru. Told to call Lifeline if worried about it.”

Finally, even Crazy Bob Katter got a look in this week from underneath his giant Stetson with “KAP call on Government to end blame game over Queensland Nickel — find a solution and focus on saving jobs”

About the authors

Mike Green is the CEO of KINSHIP digital. Andrew Birmingham is the editor and publisher of Which-50. Buffy Montauben spends far too much time in front of screens.



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