With Australia’s State Premiers maintaining a healthy competition to see who can keep us in lockdown longer, Which-50 staff have scoured the electronic airways for alternatives to jigsaw puzzles, lego competitions, and alcohol consumption for distractions this weekend.


It only comes around every four; sorry make that sometimes five years, but this time it’s Olympics Japanese style. What that means is that for once none of us will be sitting up bleary eyed trying to work out what time it is in Europe or the Americas.

Tokyo is in our timezone, and Which-50 celebrates by giving you our appointment viewing selections for this weekend, because surely no one will be skiving off work to watch the archery today (10am – 4pm AEST)?

Something not so sporty?

Nothing has provoked more animosity this week than our discussions over our top five YouTube channels to watch while in lockdown. Which-50 is a house divided, so in our usual fashion, the Managing Editor agreed to act as King Solomon and settle the argument for this week.

Movies – The Critical Drinker 

If you want a wry take on Hollywood and don’t mind the sound of a Scottish brogue, The Critical Drinker is for you. This is one movie critic who doesn’t hold back when discussing the good, bad or ugly of movies, old or new. He doesn’t trash productions for the sport; instead, he calls out poor writing, crazy plot lines and missing character development.

The Drinker also has a soft side that loves tight pieces of scripting with logical thought-provoking conclusions. Do the whole archive this weekend with a glass of your favourite single malt whiskey.

Cars – Shmee150

One member of staff described this one as “just eye candy wannabes”. Watch car collector Tim Burton is Shmee150 drive some of the hottest limited-edition vehicles on the planet. His recent tour across the US in a limited edition Mustang had everything you’d want in escapist viewing.

If your fellow housemates are not into carbon guzzling hyper vehicles, there’s something for them too. You ever wondered how practical electric cars are right now? Watch along as Shmee gets more than a little frustrated with London rapid charge stations.

Flying and Travel – Nonstop Dan 

This one gets in just for the pure torture of watching someone actually travelling. The hook here is that Dan likes to spend nearly all his time on planes, preferably at the pointy end. If you get tired of seeing the boy being served the good stuff on the other side of the curtain, flick over to his posts on what it’s like flying the worst airlines in the world.

Sports Tech – GPLama 

Shane Miller is our very own Aussie sports tech Youtube star. If you’re locked down with nowhere to go, and the kilos are piling up, punch up the latest episode from Shane as he not only looks at the newest wearable and rideable sports tech but takes you on bunch rides in the Zwift universe. Ride along, and you’re guaranteed to put in calorific credit by ‘wine O’clock. Be warned; once you start buying the tech, it’s hard to stop

Law – VivaFrei

Montreal based litigator turned YouTuber David Freiheit has built up quite a following over the last few years with his sophisticated take on all things legal and illegal. If you love big government and lockdown, this one might not be for you. Viva’s weekly meet-ups with libertarian US arch litigator Robert Barnes are legendary and will have you hooked in no time.

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