PwC Australia announced a new invitation-only development program for senior marketing leaders: the CMO Growth Agenda. The program will enable CMOs to link business transformation, customer experience and marketing as the enterprise growth driver in the boardroom.

Melbourne Business School and The Marketing Academy will contribute learning modules as part of the syllabus.

The cohort of CMOs participating in the invitation-only program will benefit from bespoke forums that will enable them to navigate the accelerated change and complexity of the marketing function to shape corporate strategy and deliver sustainable growth.

It will be led by PwC’s own subject matter experts and include  a host of international speakers as well as facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

The cohort will gather in Melbourne and Sydney throughout the year and will have the opportunity to collaborate as a community and build their leadership capability for personal and business growth.

“Few senior executive positions have been subject to as much change as that of the CMO. There is a shortfall of credible and relevant development opportunities that are focussed on the challenges  and complexity the marketing function must now lean into to deliver sustainable competitive advantage to their companies,” according to the managing partner and CMO of PwC Australia.

“Many organisations go down a merger and acquisition path to create new earnings streams. These are supported by deep quantitative analysis and robust valuation assumptions. Now more than ever there is a role for the CMO to bring these disciplines to organic growth alternatives. This program will provide the tools and capabilities for marketers to identify, value and mobilise internally to deliver organic growth,” said a company spokesperson.

“Through the depth of the experience across the PwC network globally, the CMO Growth Agenda will enable Australia’s leading marketers to upskill and as the voice of the customer be the catalyst to drive enterprise-wide change to drive growth,” said Sunita Gloster, who will lead the initiative for the CMO Advisory practice at PwC.

The program will get underway in August this year.

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