As we first suggested in May this year, supply-side platform PubMatic has now released a new approach to charging for services that addressed the need for greater transparency from brands.

Martech and adtech suppliers are increasingly looking at new ways of charging for their services due to concerns over the transparency of fees, along with the huge levels of ad fraud which are often encouraged by cost per click and cost per acquisition models.

The company today flagged the launch of PubMatic Cloud which is designed for publishers and tech companies looking to implement and control their own programmatic technology.

“For over a decade, PubMatic has been fine-tuning our platform, building a global infrastructure, integrating hundreds of demand partners, attracting and retaining engineering talent, incorporating machine learning and more,” says Jeff Hirsch CMO & head of US publisher development at PubMatic. “Wanting to replicate that from scratch is like wanting to start your own search engine from scratch. We are able to provide an attractive, alternative pricing model with PubMatic Cloud because we have already aligned our business to be able to ramp up publishers quickly and ensure our clients’ ongoing success.”

The company claims that by accessing PubMatic’s technology, global infrastructure and demand connections on a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) basis, clients are able to achieve full transparency and achieve greater control over their programmatic monetisation.

While arguing that developments like header bidding and fraud controls have provided gains for publishers the company says it also contributed to the ballooning of infrastructure costs and overheads to manage integrations with the buy-side and third-party technology vendors as well as continuously evolving technology.

All of this is happening as the shift to programmatic buying and selling increases.

According to reports, almost 90 per cent of marketers plan to take some portions of programmatic in-house this year as the industry attempts to address the challenges of the ‘ad tech tax’. Publishers are in the position of requiring technology to adapt to this changing ecosystem.

According to a statement from PubMatic announcing the change, “Both digital content creators and the technology companies that serve them are faced with the choice of continuing to transact via revenue share models or to make significant investments in engineering to build a complete SSP in-house.”

The spokesperson said PubMatic Cloud provides full transparency and control. “Publishers can ramp up a fully-supported and integrated programmatic solution and technology providers can enhance their offerings at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to develop the technology in-house.”

The offer comes with integrations with over 200 demand-side platforms (DSPs) and other buyers.

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