PubMatic, a sell-side platform and Sizmek  – which describes itself as the largest independent buy-side advertising platform – have announced a global supply path optimisation (SPO) partnership.

Sizmek will include PubMatic in its network of preferred publisher platforms. This should help consolidate programmatic ad spend, providing agencies and advertisers with more transparent access to premium inventory and eliminate the financial risk of fraudulent traffic.

“PubMatic is a strong partner based on their shared commitment to transparency and quality, superior match rates, and advanced supply shaping technology,” said Mike Caprio, Chief Growth Officer of Sizmek. “With this partnership, our advertisers experience access to in-demand audiences in brand-safe environments that ultimately improves their return on ad spend.”

By leveraging PubMatic’s proprietary machine learning-enabled throttling technology, Sizmek will enhances its offerings by receiving additional impression opportunities likely to be monetized by clients.

Clients will also benefit form PubMatic’s Fraud-Free Program to ensure they do not pay for any fraudulent traffic.

“Consolidation is inevitable as the ad tech industry evolves and more scrutiny is placed on the digital supply chain. At PubMatic, we have invested heavily in delivering quality, brand-safe inventory and efficient infrastructure to our buyers. We are excited that Sizmek is finding value in our platform, and that this partnership helps us extend those benefits to our shared customers,” said Rajeev Goel, Co-Founder and CEO of PubMatic.

“As publishers, we are a proponent of any initiative that increases transparency and fosters a greater partnership between the supply and demand sides of the ecosystem. Additionally, we are always seeking a means to capture more revenue by accessing demand as efficiently as possible. We have a long-standing relationship with PubMatic, and this partnership with Sizmek will be valuable for both of us,” said Mike Kisseberth, Chief Revenue Officer at Purch.

Sizmek also works with PubMatic to provide advertisers secure prioritized access to premium inventory across the SSP’s portfolio of publishers via programmatic direct channels, leveraging PubMatic’s PMP-Guaranteed and Targeted PMP products.

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