Equity crowdfunding platform, VentureCrowd today announced a partnership with early stage commercialisation fund Uniseed, to make university research ventures available for individual investment. 

Uniseed founded in 2000, has invested in 57 startups and has exited from 10 of those including Spinifex, Fibrotech Therapeutics and QRX Pharma.

According to VentureCrowd, this is an Australian-first partnership, providing wholesale investors with the opportunity to back research and technology coming out of some of the country’s most prestigious educational institutions, including University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales and the CSIRO. 

The seed funding that Uniseed provides companies in their early stages of development as well as subsequent follow-on investment is critical in commercialising publicly-funded research.

According to Steve Maarbani, CEO of VentureCrowd, “This collaboration provides a unique opportunity for investors to support companies that are solving some of the world’s biggest pain-points,” Mr Maarbani said.

Uniseed has supported 59 startup companies to date as the seed investor for the majority of these, and VentureCrowd has over 42 thousand registered members on their platform. VentureCrowd will profile Uniseed companies on their website in an effort to “democratise early-stage research investment.” 

According to Peter Devine, CEO of Uniseed, “We are delighted to partner with VentureCrowd and engage with the wider investor community to back home-grown, cutting edge innovation.”

Devine says that the partnership will allow for greater community engagement and support for investment in research and intellectual property.

The first company to be profiled on the VentureCrowd platform is the medical health app Cardihab as they work to raise $A2 million in their Series A funding. Cardihab works to improve the lives of patients with heart disease by providing cardiac patients with rehabilitation that focuses on prevention and recovery. 

Cardihab says the funds will go towards channel expansion, enterprise sales, clinical trials and user acquisitions. 

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