Pegasystems has announced the launch of Pega Infinity, a digital transformation software suite. Pega Infinity is the first platform to connect front end customer experiences to back end process automation, and represents Pegasystems’ largest ever product launch, according to the company.

The announcement was made overnight at Pegasystems annual user conference, Pegaworld, in Las Vegas.

The new suite enhances Pega’s customer engagement applications and digital process automation platform. According to Pega, the new suite will allow organisations to accelerate their transformation projects to “continuously exceed their customers’ expectations”. 

Pega Infinity is the company’s biggest ever product launch, according to Kerim Akgonul, Pegasystems senior vice president of products.

“We’ve packed Pega Infinity with robotics and AI capabilities, and this is by far the biggest product launch we’ve ever done,” Akgonul said.

The new suite builds on Pega’s existing AI-powered platform, offering new ways for Pegasystems’ users to engage with the their own customers. And there are a lot of engagement opportunities. According to Akgonul, Pegasystems is involved with the engagement of around 1.5 billion customers in some way. It’s an eye popping figure and one that provokes skepticism, even, initially, from Acgonul.

The biggest company you haven’t heard of

The 1.5 billion figure comes from Pega’s own analysis and reveals the company’s considerable, and often not well known, reach, Akgonul said.

“If you’ve ever driven a GM car or if you’ve ever gotten a loan from Rabobank, or if you’ve ever been through customs in Australia, or if you’ve ever been arrested in New Jersey, then you actually interacted with a Pega application with Pega AI.” 

All those interaction will now be improved, Akgonul says, with the launch of Pega Infinity. The new suite offers real time AI-fuelled improvements to several business functions.

While it’s cutting edge now, AI and automation will soon be taken for granted in the same way the internet and mobility is today, according to Akgonul. Which is why the Pega platform is model driven and “no code”, with the aim of facilitating unseen technology advances.

Future proofing

According to Pegasystems founder and CEO Alan Trefler, the new model-driven environment will help organisations become agile and fend off disruption. 

“Pega Infinity frees companies from the limits imposed by much of today’s software by providing the only unified solution that’s specifically built to connect organisations across silos and support change across the enterprise,” Trefler said.

“This enables businesses to speed transformation and engage with customers on their terms, today and in the future.”

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