Pegasystems is releasing a set of tools to enable employees with little coding experience to create enterprise software. The software company calls it Enterprise Low-Code Factory and expects it to be generally available by the end of Q3 2019.

Pegasystems is best known for its CRM and process automation tools, and last year released a digital transformation suite, Pega Infinity which helps organisations combine the two. This year, the company adding new low code tools to Infinity to encourage more employees from the business side to create software and help stave off an “unprecedented” software supply shortage and lessen shadow IT headaches.

According to the company, a centralised dashboard will help employees with relatively low coding skills quickly create software that complies with company standards. IT leaders will retain control app development for the sake of consistency and compliance.

Enterprise Low-Code Factory will combine what Pega says are the three key elements needed for building enterprise apps; low code tools, guardrails; and ongoing education.

“Enterprise Low-Code Factory encompasses three decades of learning from model-driven application development so businesses can immediately roll out low  code organisation-wide,” said Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president, product marketing, Pegasystems.

“Whether you’re a businessperson, developer, or designer, you now have the potential to become a maker within your own organization to create applications that innovate. At the same time, IT managers can rest easy knowing that they can balance control and collaboration through repeatable governance processes.”

Enterprise Low-Code Factory is part of the Pega Infinity digital transformation suite and is scheduled to be available by the end of Q3 2019 for Pega Platform customers with current support contracts. The company confirmed several customers are already using the new tools.

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