Pegasystems has extended its involvement with digital marketing by partnering with Merkle, a leading data-driven performance marketing agency, to help businesses connect their advertising with marketing and customer service channels.

The announcement is similar in some regards to the recent SAP advertising technology play, and a year ago – Netsuite’s purchase of Bronto. The characteristic they all share is an investment by IT core systems providers to building out solutions for marketers by aiding the seamless flow of data between organisational silos.

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According to a Pegasystems statement, while the convergence of advertising, marketing, and servicing has been long anticipated, most organizations still operate these functions in silos, creating disconnected customer experiences.

The integration between Pegasystems and Merkle unifies deep first-party data from customer relationship management (CRM) applications with third-party digital advertising data in a closed loop process.

The solution is powered by the Pega Customer Decision Hub which the company says offers advanced analytics and adaptive learning, the solution intelligently drives the next best engagement action based on real-time customer behaviors across all customer engagement channels.

The move also provides further evidence of the conflation of marketing and advertising technology which have developed in separate, although parallel channels for two decades.

With bidirectional data capabilities, the partners says the deal enables advertising, marketing, retail, and customer service to work in concert to provide more relevant and timely interactions – from online ads and email campaigns to customer service calls.

Among the benefits for users;

Retarget a customer with a relevant digital ad using adaptive analytics fueled by engagement channel data captured moments earlier.

Send the right email offer triggered by a banner ad click and personalized by tapping into data from the customer’s most recent brand engagement.

Launch a targeted ad campaign and simultaneous marketing offer based on recent customer service engagements after a customer ‘likes’ a brand or Tweets about a specific product.

Offer a compelling product discount to a customer speaking with a service representative based on that customer’s propensity to click on digital ads for that product.

The new solution is being piloted by customers in the second half of 2016 and will be available early next year.

According to Kevin Sullivan, Head of Decision Sciences, Fifth Third Bank. “This collaboration between our partners Merkle and Pegasystems can help us further differentiate the kinds of personalized experiences our customers have come to expect.”

He said the combination of powerful decisioning and analytics with marketing and digital advertising data can be a valuable tool that helps us both increase customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

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