Digital infrastructure provider VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have extended the footprint of their global relationship to now make VMware Cloud available via AWS’s Sydney facilities. VMware also announced new capabilities it says will help organisations around the globe to rapidly migrate applications and data centers to a secure cloud service.

“Many customers tell us that what they want is a consistent cloud experience,” said Alister Dias, Vice President and Managing Director, VMware Australia and New Zealand. “From a VMware perspective what we have really seen in the market in the last two years, in particular, is an evolution of customers acknowledging what they need to do on-premise and what they would ideally like to move off premise.”

“We have seen many customers exploit the VMware management platform and the software-defined stack to run a private cloud and then use different capabilities to move off a platform. This offering, because it is co-engineering [with AWS] gives customers that one consistent hybrid cloud capability which is what they are telling us they want,” he said.

Translation: it makes it easier for companies to spread their computing capabilities across cloud platforms owned both by themselves and by those they rent from third parties like AWS.


“They want to be able to provide public cloud-like services from their private cloud but ultimately they want to – wherever possible – take advantage of the benefits public cloud brings, that in turn provides a more consistent experience,” Dias told Which-50.

According to Paul Migliorini, AWS managing director, Australia and New Zealand local enterprises will benefit as it will enable them to rapidly migrate a wide range of applications to AWS, while retaining the benefits of their existing relationship with VMware. “VMware Cloud on AWS is the only hybrid cloud service that allows vSphere customers to leverage consistent infrastructure across on-premises data centers and AWS, supporting their strategic goals of remediating technical debt, driving innovation and making data-driven decisions.”

The solution is designed to eliminate the cost and effort associated with migrating applications to the cloud by delivering infrastructure and operations that are consistent with those deployed within customer data centers, and extending tools, processes and practices proven to support the most demanding applications.

“In just under a year since launching VMware Cloud on AWS, we have met our goal of making the service available in all geographic regions around the globe, while increasing the rate at which we deliver innovative capabilities and powerful solutions for our customers,” said Dias. “Now this service is available in our region. Local customers will find it extremely easy to migrate to VMware Cloud on AWS, as it provides enterprises with the fastest and most cost-effective way to migrate their mission-critical applications, or even entire data centers, to the cloud. ”

Jointly engineered by VMware and AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS is delivered, sold and supported by VMware and its partner community in Australia and New Zealand, and brings VMware’s enterprise-class Software- Defined Data Center software to the AWS Cloud, say the companies. This will let customers run production applications across vSphere-based hybrid cloud environments, with optimised access to the breadth and depth of AWS services and robust disaster protection.

The latest VMware Cloud on AWS updates include:

  • 50 per cent lower entry-level price and new minimum configuration
  • License optimisation for enterprise applications from Oracle and Microsoft
  • Instant Data Center evacuation with live migration of 1000’s of VMs
  • New high-capacity storage option, backed by Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
  • Application-centric security with VMware NSX
  • NSX / AWS Direct Connect integration for simplified, high-performance connectivity
  • Optimised cost/performance with autoscaling
  • Real-Time log management included at no additional cost

Enterprises, in particular, will appreciate the optimised configurations to minimise license costs from major business apps like Oracle and Microsoft, developers will benefit from greater visibility over the logs, and everybody will love the cost reductions.

But the real benefits are most likely to be felt at the business layer, especially the ability to more rapidly develop and deploy new applications to keep up with ever-growing customer expectations.

ME Bank’s Early Experience

According to Sunny Avdihodzic, GM Strategy, and Architecture, ME, a digital bank owned by 26 Australian industry superannuation funds, “Being a digital bank, technology plays a fundamental role, especially in delivering organisational agility and also building efficiencies.”

“As a digital-only bank, we see more opportunities than challenges. This will allow us to move faster, essentially meeting the kinds of expectations customer have now.”

The bank is part of the early access program for VMware customer. “We have been an existing VMWare customer for a number of years, and most of out workloads are virtualised. This gives us the opportunity to explore how we can provide additional flexibility and scalability to the enterprise. Most of our focus is on the data center extension,” he said.

“In terms of specific outcomes that will help product teams or departments such as marketing, the work ME Bank is doing with VMWare will speed up development efforts, for instance by allowing for the more rapid deployment of test and development environments. For us the primary use case was ‘How do we accelerate the delivery of the projects?’.”


Services in the AWS Asia-Pacific (Sydney) region, Elastic DRS, Log Intelligence Service, and Cost Insight Migration Assessment are all available today.

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