Oracle’s second Australian Gen 2 Cloud Region is now open in Melbourne, following the launch of its Sydney Cloud region in August 2019. Both openings are part of Oracle’s global plans to operate 36 Oracle Generation 2 Cloud regions by the end of 2020.

Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud has been built from the ground up to provide businesses with better performance, pricing, and security, the company said. Having a second region based in Australia will offer local enterprise customers enhanced business continuity, disaster recovery and jurisdiction to meet compliance requirements without the latency penalty associated with moving data over long distances to offshore data centres.

Ten countries and the European Union will have will have multiple Oracle Cloud regions that facilitate enterprise-class disaster recovery strategies.

“Not all clouds are created equal. Our next-gen cloud infrastructure has been built for an autonomous future, with security built-in. With our Melbourne Cloud region, local customers and partners can now confidently host and protect mission-critical workloads and drive innovation,” said Valery Lanovenko, VP and Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand.

One customer that is already seeing the benefits of Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud is The Law Society of NSW is already using Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud, as part of its strategic focus to be a ‘cloud-first’ organisation.

The Society has been using Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud region in Sydney since its launch in August 2019. Its initial approach was to move its backup/Disaster Recovery (DR) to the cloud and it has successfully completed DR scenarios for its database services.

“We deal with a lot of timely and sensitive data so we need 24 x 7 availability and bulletproof security. We have been impressed with the cost structure, security, speed and flexibility since moving to Oracle’s Gen 2 Cloud,” said Lee Bustin, CIO, The Law Society.

“The opening of the Melbourne Cloud region allows us to fully adopt cloud technology as a production service with DR in Melbourne. This means we can now migrate many of our on-premises services to the cloud, vastly reducing the time and costs associated with maintaining and replacing our on-premises hardware. Importantly for our business it means we can maintain our data within Australia. In addition to this, we are impressed with the speed of we have been able to complete the migration of services,” he said.

The launch of the new Melbourne Cloud region will also help partners within the Oracle Partner Network (OPN) to differentiate their Oracle Cloud expertise further through the enhanced disaster recovery for mission critical applications that comes from a dual region like Australia.

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