Oracle is accelerating the number of uses for emerging technology like machine learning and natural language processing across the full suite of its business software.

Speaking today at Oracle OpenWorld, Steve Miranda, executive vice president of Oracle Applications product development, outlined the company’s view of AI.

While yesterday’s keynote, delivered by Larry Ellison, focused on autonomy — technology that can patch and update itself — Miranda emphasised that the machine learning capabilities inside Oracle’s apps are there to provide recommendations to help humans make decisions.

“As much as we talk about autonomous technology, we are not talking about autonomous applications. We are [talking about] machine learning-driven applications,” Miranda said.

“You need people who make decisions going forward on how you run your business most effectively and our machine learning helps you become more efficient, helps you realise data insights … but ultimately you have people still driving those organisations, still driving those business decisions.”

Oracle is building AI or ML features “everywhere” Miranda says, and have founded uses for it in their applications for sales, commerce, marketing, field service, HR, and supply chain.

While use cases vary, the process is the same: With customer data or third party data, Oracle is using machine learning to derive insights and recommendations, prioritise those insights, measure the effectiveness of those insights based on what the business does and then improve the algorithm going forward.

Miranda described AI and machine learning as transforming the way Oracle’s applications work, “from applications that take and validate your data into applications that recommend best action or automate that best action approach.”

“By deploying this is our SaaS applications, we’ve had millions of real world transactions through our AI predictions. This allows us to measure the effectiveness of them and tune the algorithms specific to you and then improve upon those algorithms going forward.”

Oracle Bots 

Another flavour of AI application comes through digital assistants, also referred to as bots or conversational UI. Oracle has introduced a single digital assistant to its SaaS applications with multiple skills.

The company announced today the Oracle Digital Assistant is now available across the entire Oracle CX Cloud, enabling sales, customer service, and marketing professionals to use voice commands to quickly and efficiently drive outcomes and actions.

Oracle also announced it has introduced its digital assistant for supply chain management. And, extending on the existing partnership with Microsoft, Oracle today announced the availability of an integration between Oracle Digital Assistant and Microsoft Teams. Enterprise customers can now access Oracle Cloud Applications through an AI-powered voice experience in Teams.

Oracle customer Kellie Romack, VP, Digital HR & Strategic Planning at Hilton, said the hotel chain is in the midst of implementing a digital assistant for employee self service.

Romack who runs the HR technology stack, said her team had taken the most common questions the services team received from employees, and customised the language and the actions to the Hilton business process flow.

The digital assistant is currently in the development environment, but once it is live employees will be able to ask the assistant HR questions from their phones.

“Mobile is key. It is our number one priority with working with Oracle. 95 per cent of our team members do not sit at a desk, they run around the hotels serving our guests. Everything is on the go, on your phone, bring your own device,” Romack said.

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