Oracle Moat, the digital measurement side of the Data Cloud, has launched ‘pre-bid by Moat’ to help marketers identify brand safe, fraud safe and viewable ad inventory.

The placement solution assess inventory for viewability and invalid traffic standards before a ad bid is made on programmatic platforms.

The product is a result of Oracle’s acquisitions of Moat in April 2017 and Grapeshot in April of this year.

The new solution will be integrated with DSPs including Adobe Advertising Cloud, Amobee, Basis by Centro, Dataxu, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, and VideoAmp.

“Savvy marketers recognise the tremendous financial and reputational risks from misplaced advertising,” said Eric Roza, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Data Cloud.

“Fraud and viewability issues can drain your ad spend and damage your results, while association with offensive or inappropriate content can result in lasting brand damage. Oracle’s Pre-Bid by Moat offers a unified solution to protect media spend for advertisers by bringing together powerful tools to set real-time requirements for viewability, invalid traffic, and brand safety.”

Using the product media buys can be optimised for:

  • Granular Viewability Standards. Pre-Bid by Moat will allow marketers to set viewability rates for specific ad slots and sizes, offering unprecedented precision before placement.
  • Invalid Traffic Avoidance. Pre-Bid by Moat is powered by Moat’s leading IVT measurement technology. Moat’s IVT solutions also benefit from learnings from Oracle’s other anti-fraud acquisitions, including web security and managed DNS from Oracle Dyn, which helps identify abnormal traffic patterns on the web and detect and block malicious non-human traffic.
  • Contextual Brand Safety Analysis. Using the contextual intelligence platform from its Grapeshot acquisition, Oracle Data Cloud analyses and interprets the actual content of each web page, not just its URL-level keywords.

“The growth of digital advertising over the past decade has been staggering. In order to sustain that growth in the years to come, marketers must trust the effectiveness of the media they purchase,” said Lewis Rothkopf, general manager of media and growth channels, MediaMath.

“We’re excited to be one of the first to make Moat’s first-in-class ad measurement actionable for media buyers. We’re confident this collaboration will help advertisers reduce waste and protect consumer trust.”

Patrick Jones, group vice president and general manager, partnerships, Oracle Data Cloud, explained Oracle’s platform reviews billions of pages and apps and categorises the content of each page as safe and brand-appropriate.

“Some brand safety solutions ask websites and apps to grade their own homework through self-reported URL keywords describing the content on their sites,” Jones said.

“By integrating that brand safety with our leading IVT and viewability tools, Pre-Bid by Moat gives marketers confidence that their ads are reaching real people, viewable, and appearing in brand-safe environments.”

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