Oracle will buy UK based brand safety platform Grapeshot to boost its data cloud. Grapeshot offers pre-bid contextual solutions to brands. The deal complements Oracle’s earlier acquisition of Moat.

The terms of the deal remain undisclosed, however the latest evaluation of the companies assessment – by pitchbook in May 2017 – pegged it as worth $54 million.

Brand safety has emerged as a critical point of contention in the adtech sector in recent years and companies become more sensitive to their ads appearing in environments that clash with their values. Youtube, in particular, took a huge beating last year over the issue when mainstream brands stared turning up on neo-nazi sites.

Indeed brand safety is one area where traditional web publishers still have a stronger story than walled gardens like Facebook and Youtube. This is because they tend to use third-party providers that deliver greater control to clients than the software in the walled gardens.

Companies like Moat and IAS lead the way in the sector and locally IAS is the dominant provider, especially since comScore withdrew.

Grapeshot has more than 5,000  marketers on its system according to the parties which also claim that over 38 billion programmatic ad impressions (presumably monthly) are enhanced using Grapeshot’s Contextual Intelligence Platform in dozens of languages.

The Contextual Intelligence Platform is designed to enable the rapid creation of highly-customized segments that allow marketers and their agencies to confidently:

  • Avoid unsafe content that will damage brand equity, and close the loop via Moat Measurement
  • Extend global audience reach by targeting the most relevant context, including late-breaking news and trending themes, to complement Oracle Data Cloud’s custom audience segments

In a letter to customers, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Data Cloud wrote, “The acquisition of Grapeshot will dramatically expand Oracle Data Cloud’s ability to improve marketing outcomes for our partners worldwide by adding the important dimension of Context to Oracle Data Cloud’s expertise in Audiences and Measurement.”

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